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Coachman Owners’ Club – Roles of Committee Members

Update February 2024

Role of the Chairperson

  1. To represent and promote the Club as appropriate. For example, this might include working with dealers, attending the NEC, working with ACCEO, and possibly with the Coachman Company.
  2. To lead and coordinate the committee as an effective working team on behalf of the members, bearing in mind the Constitution and Rules.
  3. To ensure the Constitution, Rules and all other Club policies and documents are regularly reviewed and then approved by the Committee.
  4. To plan and chair regular Committee meetings, either in person or on Facebook Messenger, Zoom (or similar).
  5. To enable all committee members views to be heard at meetings, and ensure that effective decisions are made, and then acted upon on behalf of the members.
  6. To support Committee members with their roles if/when needed.
  7. To be available to listen to members views where possible at rallies and the AGM.
  8. To Chair the annual AGM, address the members at this meeting, and ensure members have the opportunity to ask questions.
  9. To write items for Coachlines, the Rally Book, Website and Facebook pages as appropriate to keep members well informed.
  10. To send an email to new members early in their membership to encourage full use of our club.
  11. To lead the Committee in short and long term planning to ensure the long term viability of the club.
  12. To be a signatory for the club bank account.
  13. To proof read items for the Editor.
  14. To act as a club Trustee.

To enable me to carry out my role, I need the Committee member

  1. To help organise and administer the club to the best of their ability as part of the team, assisting each other as needed.
  2. To have a specific role(s) / responsibility which they carry out and report on the Committee.

Role of the Vice Chairperson

  1. To support the Chairperson to run the club efficiently, and ensure all decisions made by the Committee are followed through.
  2. To deputise for the Chairperson in their absence, taking on their roles.

Role of the Webmaster

  1. To keep the website up to date with relevant information from the Committee and Members.
  2. To add new members to the “members only” section of the website, after liaising with the Membership Secretary.
  3. To liaise with the Editor with regard to additions to the website.
  4. To liaise with the Treasurer over matters relating to any payments via the website.

Role of the Treasurer

  1. To control and operate all financial systems within the Club.
  2. To endeavour to maintain the solvency of the Club with adequate reserves to meet all known and anticipated liabilities.
  3. To discharge all approved and authorised debts of the Club as soon as possible.
  4. To be responsible for ensuring that all monies received by the Club are deposited in the Club bank accounts.
  5. To present a written statement of the Club’s financial affairs at each Committee meeting, and at any other time on request. A full audited Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.
  6. To recommend to the Committee appropriate rates for all fees charged by the club, including membership subscriptions and rally admin so that the Club’s overheads and expenses are adequately met.
  7. To recommend to the Committee and the AGM an Auditor who is able to audit the Club’s accounts and advise on taxation and other matters.
  8. To monitor costs of all purchases and seek approval of the Committee for large purchases.
  9. To liaise with the Membership Officer to ensure that membership and other subscriptions are properly recorded and actioned.
  10. To act as a Club trustee.

Role of the Secretary

  1. To produce and distribute minutes.
  2. To liaise with the Committee regarding forthcoming meetings.
  3. To keep up to date with correspondence and inform committee members of any issues arising.
  4. To distribute current ACCEO documents for the Committee and Rally Marshals.
  5. To ensure the club keeps Public Indemnity Insurance and Exemption Certificates up to date.
  6. To be a signatory for the club bank account.
  7. To act as a club Trustee.

Role of the Rally Secretary

  1. To find and book rally sites, and/or to oversee club members to find and book rally sites.
  2. To liaise with marshals regarding their rallies.
  3. To send confirmation letters to landowners and commercial sites, and contact relevant councils as appropriate.
  4. To make sure that all rally marshals complete a new rally planning sheet and are confident and knowledgeable about their roles.
  5. To forward all rally information to the Editor for compilation of the new rally book.

Role of the Membership Secretary

  1. To receive all membership applications and maintain a database of members, sponsors and advertisers and make the data available to the Committee on request.
  2. To co-ordinate mailing to members, in conjunction with the editor.
  3. To maintain contact with, and provide an advisory service to Members in liaison with other committee members.
  4. To report to every Committee Meeting and the Annual General Meeting.

Specific tasks include

  1. To send a membership list to the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Webmaster.
  2. To send an update of new members to the Webmaster as required, and to the Chairperson.
  3. To send new member names to Newsletter editor to include in Coachlines.
  4. To print AGM rally forms (via editor), nomination forms and anything else that has been confirmed by the committee to be inserted as loose leaf in the Rally book.
  5. To put new member details in book, date, member’s number, name and county.
  6. To put on computer database.
  7. To put in new member envelope, Membership card, Rally book, Welcome letter, Rally forms, AGM Nomination form, committee proposal form (date dependant).
  8. To ensure all members’ details are in the system for the next Coachlines.
  9. To confirm Membership numbers to the Administrator of the Facebook page.
  10. To print (via editor) rally booking forms; put 4 into 1st Coachlines, 6 into rally book.
  11. To print (via editor) renewal forms for the last Coachlines of the year.
  12. When a membership enquiry is received, send a short note, by email or letter, and follow up with a membership form.
  13. To pay all money and cheques into the bank each month.
  14. To prepare paperwork for dealership shows.

Role of Entertainment Officer

  1. To plan, develop and promote entertainment and special events.
  2. To look at the events and what kind of entertainment is required for the enjoyment of all those attending.
  3. To act as liaison between the committee, the venue and the performers.
  4. To locate appropriate venues as required, taking into account the facilities on offer.
  5. To contact local communities where rallies are held to see if they have local acts willing to come to a site for an afternoon or evening of entertainment.
  6. To speak with Club members to see what sort of entertainment they would like to have during their rallies.

Role of the Health and Safety Officer

To ensure as far as possible that all rallies are made as safe as possible for those taking part.

These areas should cover:

  1. General Health and Safety before and for the duration of the rally.
  2. Rally site Risk Assessments.
  3. Composing list of all Local Emergency Services.
  4. Site safety.
  5. Fire Safety.
  6. First Aid.
  7. Electrical Equipment.
  8. Use of Shelters/Tents.

Whilst all of these are under the ‘umbrella’ of the Health and Safety Officer, the general H&S for all rallies must ultimately be the responsibility of the Rally Marshalls and their Deputies. Any problems which they are unable to make a decision on should be discussed with a committee member and the H&S officer if the need for documentation arises.

Role of Equipment / Logistics Officer

  1. To arrange the distribution of club equipment required by rally marshals to run a rally and to receive return of same equipment after close of rally. Also to list all of the equipment issued to rally marshals and check against the list on return of equipment.
  2. To arrange for safe storage of club equipment and to maintain an inventory of all club equipment. To check (at least once per year) the condition of all equipment and report on any repairs or replacements required to the committee. Also to ensure any electrical equipment owned by the club is PAT tested in line with the latest regulations.
  3. If any new equipment is required by the committee to assist with the procurement and to add all additional equipment to the clubs inventory.

Role of the Public Relations Officer

  1. To liaise with organisations that advertise in our publications to encourage them to continue to do so each year. This may be in person, by phone, or email, as appropriate.
  2. To liaise with the club Treasurer to ensure advertisers receive an invoice for their adverts.
  3. To liaise with the Editor and Webmaster to ensure the advertisers content is correctly used.
  4. To contact potential new advertisers for the new website.

Non-Committee roles

Role of the Editor

  1. To compile and edit items for the annual Rally Book using information supplied by the Rally Secretary, Chairperson and Membership Secretary.
  2. To compile and edit items for the Coachlines magazines using information from committee members, rally marshals and members.
  3. To arrange printing of the Rally Book and Coachlines, take delivery of and then posting to members (liaising with the Membership Secretary). Also to ensure all inserts are included as appropriate (includes booking forms, nomination forms and Membership cards).
  4. To be the Administrator for the Coachman Facebook page, liaising with the Membership Secretary to check on current membership.
  5. To liaise with the Webmaster with regard to content for the website.
  6. To assist the Membership Officer to maintain a current electronic membership list and create reports from files.
  7. To support the Committee with producing documentation as requested.
  8. To liaise with Committee members for articles, stuff and things…
  9. To work with the Chairperson to update all documentation and then complete an annual review.

Role of the Merchandise Officer

  1. To source possible merchandise on behalf of the Club after discussion with the Committee.
  2. To sell a range of merchandise to members, liaising with the Treasurer with regard to pricing and collection of payment from members for merchandise.
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