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About Us

about coachman owners club
about coachman owners club
  • We are the original Coachman Owners’ Club, now over 30 years old, established to help members enjoy using their caravans. We are run independently by the members for our members.
    Avoid confusion with other Coachman Facebook forums which are not
    us – look for our logo.
  • Coachman Owners’ Club is for owners of any age or model of Coachman caravans or motorhomes
  • We have about 200 members (about 400 people).
  • We hold a range of rallies across the country (20 this year), usually for 7 days (members can book for any number of days), some on commercial sites and others on sites like farmers fields requiring use of our Exemption Certificates.
    We have an Annual AGM Rally and sometimes factory visits.
  • Costs – £15 joining fee for first year, then £10 renewal per year. Free membership for Marshals or members who have attended 5 or more rallies in the previous year.
To join contact our Membership Secretary by email:
or ring
07423 452300